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Our Belize lawyers offer a number of legal services in Belize.

If you are interested in buying real estate in Belize, retiring in Belizeopening an offshore company, or exploring offshore banking, please click the associated link.

In addition to these areas of the law, our team of Belize attorneys offer a wide array of other legal services:

  • Business Law – ancillary corporate services to existing business such as the filing of annual returns and the management of corporate records
  • Intellectual Property Law – protect, secure, and enforce your legal rights to inventions, designs, artistic works, and other intangible assets. Wrobel & Co. is lsited as a local agent of the Belize Intellectual Property office, and our Belize lawyers advise the Government of Belize on intellectual property matters
  • Immigration Services – our attorneys work in both Belize and the United States on visitation, permanent residence, green cards, naturalization, deportation defence, consular processing, adjustment of status, asylum, and waivers
  • Esrow Services – protect your Belize purchase(s). Learn more here.
  • Entertainment Law – services such as contracts, dispute resolution, and legal action for the entertainment industry
  • Civil Litigation – our Belize lawyers deal in all types of civil litigation cases
  • Wills, Successions, and Estate Planning – plan your succession in a tax-efficient, legal manner
  • Debt Collection and Escrow Services – facilitation of home and land purchase loans and other services
  • NGO Formation – we can assist with every aspect of Belize nonprofit organisation formation and incorporation, and we partner with an experienced firm to offer a full-array of Belize nonprofit services such as grant writing and Board formation
  • Pet Importation – Want Fido to join you in Belize? Of course we can help! We offer assistance with all pet importation paperwork and even send a staff member to the airport to usher Fido through customs so he doesn’t get stuck in doggy jail for the night. Click here to learn more.
  • New York State Real Estate Services– we partner with an established New York firm for clients looking to buy property in the U.S.; please click here to learn more.

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