Client Testimonials

I want to thank the Wrobel staff for completing everything for our property purchase, it was a very smooth and efficient transaction. I will visit Belize again in June and I look forward to working with Ryan and his staff again to apply for the QRP.

Turner F.

Wrobel & Co. is one of the best law firms in Belize City. They have an efficient team who are very trustworthy. They provide quality and exceptional law practices. I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone who seek a knowledgeable attorney.

Kadeem T.

If you have any business dealings to do in Belize make sure you have a Good Lawyer on your side. Wrobel & Co are the best in Belize. He is from the USA and he knows the problems that could arise if you are not careful. Don’t be blindsided and say, “I wish I had a Lawyer when I signed this or enter into a deal.” It could save you thousands. I learned the hard way. Be smart.

Bergen N.

Best law firm in Belize, period! I used Wrobel & Company both for purchasing land in Placencia and for acquiring my QRP. Everyone on his staff was responsive and helpful. I am afraid that, without the aide of Ryan and his staff, things would not have been as perfect as they were. I had heard horror stories from others, about dealings with other firms, but I am 100% satisfied with the service, price and responsiveness of Wrobel & Co. The BEST.

Gilbert R.

Thankful to this Stellar Firm for providing professional service for our Real Estate clients! You will be thankful you chose them !

Macarena R.

A very professional law firm that provides accurate and timely service.

Oliver del Cid

Thank you, once again. Your support is very fast and professional. 🙂 I’ll recommend your company to anyone who needs this kind of service.

Luiz R.

Do not even think about hiring another lawyer for business transactions including real estate in Belize Ryan is awesome, very efficient, responsive and best of all very affordable.

John H.

I met Ryan about 6 months ago. I had seen him at several conferences and loved his presentations. I was having some difficulty with some property I had purchased and needed some legal advice. Being in a foreign country, a woman alone and seeking legal advice was not easy for me. As it turned out, I had many people assist me. Belize is one of the friendliest countries I have ever been to. Ryan was very patient as I am not very legally minded, thus the predicament I was in. Although he could not legally assist me, his understanding and compassion was more than I could ask for. He lead me in the correct direction. In fact, I am going to be in the process of purchasing a home so that my husband & I can make Belize our home. Ryan will be taking care of helping me do this the right way. His secretary (sorry cannot remember her name) was extremely nice and helpful as well. Can’t wait to work with them again.

Beth T.

Thank you for your help in the process of transferring the funds from the court. We received the bank transfer and we are satisfied with your services. In the future, in case I have any issues, we will definitely use the services of your company and will recommend you to our partners as a reliable and trustworthy company.

Andrii N.

The staff at Wrobel & Co are very professional and polite, and Mr. Wrobel was attentive and considerate to our needs. Highly recommend this firm!

Michael D.

Professional and reliable services. This firm is a top rated choice.

Kevin F.

Mr. Wrobel and his staff have been excellent. I highly recommend Mr. Wrobel, and his staff. They were always was available to answer my many questions and responded quickly. Truly professional.

Laura T.

Got to say I’m satisfied all round, thanks Mr. Wrobel for your personal attention concerning the time frame I had to get things started and you and your wonderful team pulled it off. Simply outstanding guys thanks again.

C. Long

Honesty, integrity, and very professional staff. We have visited both offices and highly recommend Wrobel & Co! We always appreciate the quick response to our calls and emails.

Michelle L.

Ryan is a consummate professional that always works in your best interest while maintaining impeccable integrity. His personable style is useful in tough and/or long distance negotiations.

Amy R.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ryan Wrobel for the last several years. I know him to be a man of great integrity and always great legal advice. Any time legal matters need addressing, Ryan is the first and only Belize attorney I call. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone considering legal services in Belize.

Doug I.

Ryan is a conscientious Belize attorney who provides sage advice and is certainly a valuable advocate of the clients he represents. He is very knowledgeable on legal subject matter and completes all work in a timely manner. Highly recommend Ryan for any and all legal services needed.

Michael K.

Ryan is very professional and committed to his work. Ryan has gone over and beyond for the clients that we have worked with together. He is my only Belize Attorney that we refer in Belize.

Kim M.

Ryan is a great Attorney/Manager. He is very efficient, easy going and knows how to get the job done.

Melonie G.

Attorney Wrobel has worked on a real estate sale/closing for me and did a tremendous job. I would highly recommend Ryan for anyone that has legal issues.

Bob S.

Ryan has a good handle on the workings of the legal systems in Belize and elsewhere in the Caribbean and is a pleasure to work with.

Jerry M.

Ryan has been a wonderful asset to my business and family. He has a sincere ability to listen to my concerns, apply the law, and provide recommendations that are based not only on legal logic, but also on his wealth of experience in this jurisdiction. He is highly recommended!

Niall G.

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We're a law firm, so we know the ins and out of the legal system here.


We're big enough to get you what you need when you need it ... but we are small enough that you'll be treated as valued customer and friend.


We're available Monday through Friday from 8 - 5pm CST to answer any questions you may have in a friendly, professional manner.


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