Letter from the Managing Partner

Dear Friend –

My position as Managing Partner of this law firm is an easy one.

Why? Because Belize sells itself.

As a business owner and an expat, it has been my pleasure to see Belize gain popularity over the years. I moved to Belize in 2004 and attained Belizean citizenship in 2006 and it has been my pleasure to serve not only as legal counselor to my clients who have moved to Belize or opened a business here, but also as an ambassador to this country. Having experienced first hand the hurdles of opening my law firm, hiring staff and becoming a resident in Belize, my mission is to help you avoid any pitfulls in your Belizean endeavors.

Belize is a beautiful Caribbean country. A country with white sandy beaches, Mayan ruins, and tropical getaways. That’s probably what you know about the country. They’re true all right, and few other countries can make such a claim.

But now comes the stuff that really sets Belize apart: English as the first language. Political and economic stability. Laws which have created a tax-free, confidential, investment-friendly environment. (And don’t forget those white sandy beaches.)

Sound like a welcoming home for you and your money? We thought so.

A few opportunities in particular stand out:

Qualified Retirement Program – Run by the Belize Tourism Board, this program provides a multitude of incentives for retirees, expatriates, and other persons looking to relocate to Belize. It’s remarkably easy and inexpensive to qualify.
Real Estate – Whether you’re moving to Belize or looking for an investment opportunity (or both), real estate here is cheap, plentiful, and easily acquired by non-citizens.
Offshore Sector – Belize is ideal for the formation of international business companies and other offshore entities, as well as offshore banking for corporations and individuals. The advantages are too numerous to list here.

Please visit the links above for more information about opportunities in Belize.

If you want a nameless, faceless, non-legal firm operating from somewhere else, there are plenty of those out there. That’s not us.

We are a law firm located in Belize with decades of experience linking people from around the world with a better life.

We know the culture here. We know the legal system. We want to know you.

If you want to talk to me and my team legal personally, please contact us today.


Ryan Wrobel, J.D., L.L.M, C.L.E.

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