Belize International Companies

There are many vehicles for your money in Belize.

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Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) – The International Limited Liability Companies Act of 2011 established Belize as one of the most LLC-friendly jurisdictions in the world.

International Business Companies (IBCs) – The International Business Companies Act of 1990 created a special category of Belize offshore company known as an International Business Company (IBC). The law was enacted to permit asset protection and tax minimization planning at competitive rates.

Offshore Banking – Belize is ideal for both individual and corporate offshore bank accounts.

Offshore Trusts – Belize offshore trusts offer unique advantages for your money.

Offshore Foundations – Belize offshore foundations are the corporate alternative to trusts, and offer the same advantages.

FOREX Licenses – Belize foreign currency exchange licenses enable your company to operate as a full-fledged brokerage firm.


Belize’s natural beauty and accessibility are boundless.

Tropical weather and the Caribbean Sea! Mayan ruins and one of the best wildlife refuges in the world.

But as you look towards Belize, even more important than the weather and attractions is the general climate – politically, socially, economically – in our country. You will be safe, you will understand the language, you will understand the cultural, and your money will be in a stable place in a stable economy in a stable political environment. If you value stability, Belize is the place for your money.

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